How to be a fit woman? How do I have a healthy life? What things can make you fit?

Here you go, for all kinds of people there are so many reasons that make their lives stressful. Many of us don’t understand the way of life and get pressured too much.

Only a fit soul and body can live a life peacefully. Mental fitness and physical fitness are both important for each one of us. Money can bring anything back but not your precious time.Once if you are in illness your time is lost. Ajio All stars sale

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Being a woman and handling pressure from work, home making, taking care of children, family members, goals and social problems etc can easily pull you in a stressed life. Get some relaxations and here I share you some tips for mental and physical fitness.

1.Physical Fitness

Why do we need to be physically fit?

Women always want to be independent, no need for help from others to do their own work. Only when we are physically fit we can handle our own work.

There are many ways to be fit,

A. YOGA 🧘‍♀️ Practicing yoga at least thrice in a week can build up your body in a fit way. Stretching your body keeps your flexibility and strength from head to toe.

Yoga increases your flexibility,builds strength, improves your posture, keeps your joints healthy, reduces stress,lowers blood pressure, and yoga helps you to make healthier life choices.

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B. EXERCISE⛹ Don’t get confused with both yoga and exercise. Exercise is burning out the calories. Workouts for women are completely different from men. Do practice exercise at your home at least 20 minutes a day. This can boost up stamina and strength to your body.

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C. EATING VEGETABLES AND FRUITS A healthy diet and physical activities can make you healthy. Consumption of necessary calories is highly important for the body to function properly. Eat good veggies, drink freshly prepared juices, and eat sea foods. This can bring up life in a healthy way.


From some of these basic changes in your life can lead you to a healthier life.

2. Mental fitness When you want to change your life, which means when you want to improve yourself, automatically you will start concentrating on your way of living . Mental fitness can build you and mould. Because you can make a clear way of living, making decisions, handling problems and so many.

If you are in a stressful life living here are some tips to get out of it.

You may think hearing advice is easier but following each and everything is difficult. I know already but what I am saying is just do it for a few days if it works for you it’s good to go!!

A. Evening walking This may sound different from all you have heard. There are many ways to reduce stress but it works on few people in different ways. Go for an evening walk with your mates or family or alone it’s up to you. But believe me it’s one of the best ways for bursting stress. Look at the sun it may fall today but keep on rising when the other day comes.

Not every problem stays, not every pain stays it starts to fade day by day.

B. Listening to music When you are stressed don’t go for sad songs this will make you more stressed without your knowledge. Go for melodic music this can be a great relaxation for you.

C. Do your Hobbies

Hobbies can be anything cooking, reading books, painting, and having time with pets. Try a new dish, explore other languages, learn new things, develop some skills,these all can refresh your mind. New thoughts to your mind it’s like feeding a new dish. This can divert your mind from stressful things.

D. Do Yoga Yoga can bring you both mental and physical fitness.

By Pinkhat♥

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