How does a real broke up feels💔? How to overcome a break up?

Relationship_ what happens when this ship sinks? Being a couple how are you going to manage the drowning ship?

Hey dear, it’s all about the stage of break up and the ways to come out of it.

The reason for break up can be anything, even if it is crazy. The only reason for the pain is how deep our relationship and memories that we have. Because it will make them remain off all the past and future goals that a couple set together. When all your dreams are shattered the pain is high enough to let you down.


First I let you know some of the common reasons for break up.

1.Understanding The couple boat sails in a smooth way is because of great understanding. Knowing about each other can help you build a relationship in a great way and to be a happy couple. You must know the high and low level of tide, so that you can sail in a relationship accordingly. If it fails it may drown or lead to a different path.

2.Ego It’s like a drop of poison in the milk. Even if it is a drop it spoils the whole thing. Likewise in a husband and wife relationship, ego is poisonous. Ego let’s set you away from your partner. In a great relationship both the couples will let them grow together and stand together only if they don’t let their ego enter.

3.Honesty It is very important to be honest in a relationship. Being honest your partner shows love towards them. It’s common to have fights and arguments but if a person gets cheated because of a third person sure it leads to an end.

The above mentioned ones are the main reasons for a break up. If you let all those clear you can be an awesome couple.

4.others I know you will be confused about seeing this topic. As I have mentioned it’s all about the crazy reasons. You may have heard of some stories of divorce for silly reasons, that’s the one I have mentioned here.

And at last money, definitely it’s not a crazy one. Some of them only need your money to be with your side. If you are found to be money less then you are out. This too gives a great pain of not being loved for a great soul.

How does a real break up feel?

Feelings for the person gets bottled up. Showing up your feelings is a way to make the person fall for you. If the person you love is missing in your life,all the feeling tends to stay in your heart.

Loneliness fills up your space. There may be lots and lots of people who may surround you but your heart searches for the one exact person. Having hope to join them again. Waiting a long time for messages ,calls, or visits from them lets you long for them. Daily life becomes a slow motion video, it’s really hard enough to pass a whole day without them.All other problems looks small compared to this and try to come out of it. Your total plan for the future will be like a question mark. Always in a high mood to cry enough and totally get weak by heart, mind. The happiness of life is negative and problems get added. Not letting others get mingled with you.

All the pain you go through lets you mentally unstable and pushes you to the corner.

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How to overcome a break up?

The first thing can be,bringing back the person you love.Rectify the reason and sort out the reason for breaking up. This can refresh your love story. But in some cases bringing back them is impossible.For them it’s quite difficult to over through this.

Some may get addicted to alcohol, drugs, smoking and other things. But all these can only let you for a temporary relief.

The usual sayings will be to get focused on other things, move on to a new way, get joined with lots of people and many more.

But here I am sharing you to get out those feelings from your heart that bottled up. You can start writing a diary or notebook. It can let your thoughts and feelings get out and let you understand yourself clearly. Either sharing things with your loyal friend.

There is writing by Na.Muthukumar in tamil, that I translated from google

Just with one passing day, your current life doesn't run away, with the dawn of a new day, the fire of sufferings die away.  
Na. Muthu Kumar

Have a hope of living, they day and night change when the time goes. So does your life.


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